The band that makes up Page 17 depends on the venue and performance parameters...we can be anything from a duo to a 5 piece...although Jazz is a favorite of ours, we also have a more casual, old school list of tunes. Interested? Just ask! 

DEBRA ANDERSON has a longstanding love affair with melody and verse! She's a lifelong student of voice and performance who lives in the music.  


John Simon

Stephanie Ozer

Tom Shader

Tom Buckman

Geoff Whyte

Bruce Unsworth

Jane Fossgreen

Debra Anderson


For the last year Page 17 has been hosting a jam. Currently being held at Jasper O'Farrell's on the last Wednesday of each month. You may have seen Page 17 at Christy's on the Square, the AQUS Cafe in Petaluma, the Parkpoint Roaring 20's Gala, the Redwood Cafe, Hopmonk Tavern,  Blue Water Bistro in Bodega Bay, or elsewhere. Below are a few candid photos shared with us by fans.


Below are a few of our favorite performances. Simply press play and enjoy.


 Why do I call my group "Page 17"? When I was growing up in Minneapolis, before cell phones, there were so many Anderson's in the phone book, I would tell people I was 'on Page the top...' and I thought this name could encompass putting various musical geniuses together and enjoying the creative outcomes!!